How to send and file emails correctly, while using more than one email account?

By: Standss Contributor , Mar 14th, 2021

Do you have more than one email account that you use to send out emails from (in Outlook)?

We recently had a few QuickFile for Outlook customers contacting us with the issue, where they couldn’t send and file emails using their secondary email account in Outlook.

Quick-File for Outlook’s Send&File feature prompts you to choose a folder when you send an email.

Select a folder and click Send& File and the email is then automatically filed to that folder when the email is sent.

By default, QuickFile only monitors one Sent Items folder i.e. Send & File only works if your email is delivered to the default Sent Items folder after it is sent.

Q: What do you do if you are keeping your emails from different accounts separate i.e. they have different Sent Items folders.

A: You can easily use the settings screen to monitor additional Sent Items folders is you want.

You can simply set this up by using the instructions below:

  • Open QuickFile Settings Screen
  • On the MS Outlook ribbon go to the following location Standss Outlook Addins > QuickFile > More > Settings

  • On the Settings screen go to Data Files > Store to Monitor
  • Select the Default option and click the Monitor Additional Send&File Folders

  • On the Send&File Additional Folders screen, it will already have the default email accounts Sent Items folder in the list.
  • Click Add and select the Sent Items Folder other than the Default Sent items Folder.

  • Click OK and Apply.

  • Click Yes

  • Once the Index is complete, you will see the screen below:

  • Click OK.

Restart Outlook.

Note the feature is available only for QuickFile version 6 and above.

If you haven’t tried QuickFile, download a fully functional trial using the link below and find out why it is the Number 1 email management tool for professionals (lawyers, engineers, architects, software developers etc).

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