The importance of Subject lines in your sales emails

By: standss , Aug 31st, 2010

I thought I’d start this week’s blog posts on a short post on one of the most important part of emails… the Subject line. This is particularly important if you are using a tool like EmailMerge for Outlook to send out sales/marketing emails.  Using inaccurate (or worse misleading) Subject lines in your emails can have positive or negative consequences.

The right Subject line can help you get a better response rate

How do you decide which emails in your Inbox need to be read now and which ones can wait till later (possibly forever as they slide further down your Inbox)?

Most people take a quick look at the sender and the Subject line. If you are a VIP to them, chances are they will open your email. Otherwise… Your Subject Line must relate to an important matter or at least an interesting matter… it must get your reader’s attention

And remember…  interesting does not have to mean important… everyone looks for distractions during the day when we take breaks…. get the reader’s attention with your Subject line!

But before you try and make your Subject lines too interesting…

Misleading Subject Lines are against the CAN-SPAM Act

Your subject line, while needing to be interesting enough to get the reader’s attention, must accurately reflect the content of your message. Otherwise you could be getting yourself into some legal trouble… or at least banned to people’s junk mail folders.

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