Introducing: SendGuard for Microsoft OWA

By: Standss Contributor , May 27th, 2021

 With the current pandemic affecting companies and employees the world over, working from home for most has become the “new normal”. Because of the need to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, many businesses would be forced to switch to remote working, whether they like it or not.

Although it is critical to stop COVID-19 from spreading further, it will present new problems for workers and companies around the world.

Microsoft’s OWA allows users to send and receive work emails and is much easier for individuals and IT tech support to install and maintain. Microsoft OWA offers users versatility when it comes to accessing their work emails.

With this ease of use, there is also a need to ensure that some form of email security. This can come in various forms e.g. the correct recipients are being responded to, foul language and sensitive information etc.

To make work easier for everyone we would like to introduce SendGuard for Microsoft 365. This version will now work on desktop and OWA version of Outlook.

The SendGuard for Microsoft 365 allows users to reply to emails via OWA and have the same warning prompts appear without them having to open Outlook.

The features include:

  • Get users to confirm recipients and emails before emails are sent out
  • DLP: Scan emails and attachments for sensitive or inappropriate content (you can define these using lists or regular expressions)
  • Allow Unsend (be delaying emails for a pre-set time before actually sending out)

If you are new to SendGuard, you can download a fully function trial version by using the link below. You can also contact our technical team at for an online demo or help with configuring SendGuard for your organization.

Existing users who are interested in the new version, can  contact our technical team at for an online demo or help with configuring SendGuard.

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