Join Us in Supporting Children with Disabilities in Fiji

By: Standss Contributor , Jun 28th, 2024
Team Standss’s visit to the Frank Hilton Organization

At Standss, we are committed to supporting our community by partnering with child-based charities to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

One such organization close to our hearts is the Frank Hilton Organization, a registered charitable organization in Fiji dedicated to addressing the needs of children with disabilities and their families since the 1960s.

In fact, the Frank Hilton organization is the only such organization in Fiji to support disabled children.

In this post, we’re excited to share details about their latest fundraising event we’re participating in. With the generous support of our customers, we will be making a donation.

However, if you’d like to contribute directly, please use this link –

Long-term customers and readers of our newsletter know that we have been working with the Frank Hilton Organization and the Hilton Special School for a number of years.

The Frank Hilton Organization operates with a mission to provide essential detection and intervention services through a multidisciplinary, family-centered approach.

They provide medical facilities that help detect children with disabilities. They also provide early intervention, therapy and schools, which help these children learn to cope and have full lives, even with their disabilities.

The facilities may be commonplace in developed countries but in our still developing country, the Frank Hilton Organization is creating a future for these children that they would not have otherwise.

In the past, through the help of our customers and clients we have been able to develop a Physiotherapy unit for children with special needs here in Fiji.

These services are essential in a small country like Fiji where our Government may not have the same resources that larger countries have.

How can you support children with disabilities in Fiji?

The Frank Hilton organization hosts both a physical wheelbarrow race and a virtual one. In the physical race, Team Standss competes by having one team member sit in a wheelbarrow while another team member pushes it to race against other teams.

The entry fee for the physical wheelbarrow race is $5,000 FJD per team which can be raised through fundraising and sponsorships.

The team at Standss decided that we will pay for the entry fee of $5000 from our revenues. This is only possible thanks to the support from our customers.

However… if you are interested you can further support our efforts to help the Frank Hilton Organization by participating in the virtual race, which is open to everyone.

To get our virtual wheelbarrow moving forward, we need at least a donation of $10 FJD. This will push our wheelbarrow 1km.

Race consist of 480 kms around Viti Levu Island of Fiji.
To complete a stage you require $60 = 60kms
To complete the race you require $4800 = 480kms

Every donation makes the Team Standss wheelbarrow move closer to the finish line. It takes $4800 FJD to complete the race.

All you have to do is donate $10 FJD to push our wheelbarrow forward, so we can win the race. Your donations will make a real difference in the lives of these children. Every contribution counts!

Click this link to donate-

We are very grateful for the work that the team at Frank Hilton does, and we thank them for giving us this opportunity to contribute to their life-changing work.

We want to thank our valued customers. It is only through your support and continued use of our software that we can help others by supporting charities such as the Frank Hilton Organization.

Thank you!

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