How to Lock Settings in SendGuard, SendConfirm and ReplyGuard for Outlook

By: standss , Aug 28th, 2018

Many companies protect their users from data-loss via email and inappropriate reply-alls using one of our Outlook addons. In this post we look at how you can set, lock and deploy the settings you want for the best protection.

SendGuard, SendConfirm and ReplyGuard install inside Outlook and protect companies by prompting users to confirm recipients and attachments before emails are sent out.

It is easiest to setup the Outlook addin with your chosen settings on one computer and then deploy the same settings on other computers.

Changing Normal Settings

Once you have downloaded and installed the addon, go to the Settings screen.

Open Outlook.

Click on the Standss Outlook Addins tab on the ribbon.

Click on SendGuard and then click Settings to display the Settings screen.

Make any changes that you want on the various tabs of the Settings screen.

Administrator (Lock SendGuard) Settings

Stay on the Settings screen and press Alt-L on the keyboard to bring up the Lock SendGuard settings screen or Go to Advanced tab and Click on Administrator Settings.

Administrator Settings Button 

SendGuard Lock Screen

The screen has additional options to:

Hide Ribbon on Standss Tab

Hide “Turn off or Change Settings” link on SendGuard Prompts

Hide “Check for Updates”

Disable Settings Screen

Disable “Activate/Deactivate” button.

Tick the settings that you want. You will need to tick the Disable Setting Screen button if you do not want users to be able to change settings manually.

Enter a password in the password box (and again in the Verify Password box). Users will only be able to return to this screen to change these settings if they know the password.

Click OK to apply the new settings and return to the main Settings screen.

Click Apply (or OK).

Deploying Settings to Other Computers

Now that the settings have been created on one computer, you can use them to deploy the same settings over your network.

This can be done in 3 ways.

  1. Registry Files

Click the Export Settings button on the Settings screen to create a reg file. Run this same file on other computers to apply the same settings.

  1. ADMX/ADML files (GPO Templates)

Please contact us at for ADMX/ADML files if you would like to use Active Directory, Group Policy Objects etc to deploy settings to users.

  1. Customized MSI

Finally you can use a customised MSI to deploy the software to your users. We will customize the MSI with your license information as well as any settings that you wish to deploy to users. This option is usually for clients with 50+ users.

Learn more about Send Confirm for Outlook and ReplyGuard for Outlook or click on the image below to learn more about the full SendGuard for Outlook email security bundle.


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