Long Term Benefits of Sending Newsletters from Outlook

By: standss , Jun 28th, 2010

Last week we looked at the short term benefits that we have experienced by sending out regular newsletters. This week I look at the longer term benefits of maintaining regular contact.

Our mailing  list includes thousands of our existing customers as well as thousands of prospects (people who have not purchased from us but still subscribe to the newsletters).

A regular newsletter can help you convert prospects to customers and get repeat sales from past customers.

Key Point: The Internet is really not a shop… it is used mainly for research. The aim of the newsletter is to position you in readers’ minds as an expert who they can use as resource… either now or in the future. (The aim of your newsletter is NOT TO SELL immediately.)

Why is your newsletter important for prospects?

Chances are the first time someone came to our website they were researching a problem. They may not be ready to implement a solution immediately… or our solution may not be appropriate to their current problem… but they may have a different problem in the future that we can help with.

Why is your newsletter important for Customers?

Thanks to the Internet, people now deal with many companies on a once-only basis. Even if someone has bought from us once, will they remember us the next time they need a related solution…

Our newsletter helps us keep in the front of readers minds. When readers have a problem that we can help with, thanks to the newsletter, they think of us… even before they go to Google to start their research.

Now it’s your turn. Do people in your list view you as a resource? Will they think of you first when they have a problem that you can help them with?

Many of our readers already use EmailMerge PRO for Outlook to manage their own small (and even large) newsletters. Download a free trial and create and send out your own newsletters from Outlook today.

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  1. I’d like to hear whether or not there is a difference between using an email marketing service vs.using outlook as to how many messages are opened, links clicked through, and spam filter bypass success.

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