Major Update to SendGuard for Outlook Version 4

By: standss , Dec 12th, 2019

We are excited to announce a MAJOR UPGRADE to SendGuard for Outlook (as well as upgrades to its components SendConfirm for Outlook, ReplyGuard for Outlook and SendRules for Outlook).

The majority of these features were created directly as a result of requests or projects for our larger clients (including multi-national law firms) who work with confidential information on behalf of their own clients.

In this post, we provide a quick introduction to SendGuard and also announce what’s new in this new version.

What is SendGuard for Outlook?

SendGuard for Outlook is a Data Loss Prevention tool that works inside Outlook.  It protects users and organizations from the risks of confidential emails and or attachments being sent to the wrong people.

SendGuard includes the following key components:

  • SendConfirm: Get users to review recipients and attachments before emails are sent out.
  • ReplyGuard: Warn users when they do Reply All on emails and give them an immediate option to select and change recipients. Also has productivity options to include attachments with replies.
  • SendRules: Apply rules to outgoing emails to check details of emails and then get user confirmation before sending, block emails, or take other actions (CC, BCC, Add information to Subject etc.)
  • DelayGuard: Provide Unsend capability by delaying all or selected emails in the Outbox before they are sent out of the organization.
  • DLP: Scan emails and attachments for words and patterns and get confirmation or block emails as needed
  • Encryption: This is a new feature that is explained in the What’s New section below


SendGuard has been further optimized for use by organizations with the following features:

  • Branding: Prompt screens can be customized with the organization’s logo and links to email policies.
  • Logging: Basic details Emails that the users choose to send can be logged to Windows Logs/Text files as further proof (if needed) that the user was alerted before the email was sent out.
  • All or selected settings can be rolled out and then locked down so that companies security policies are followed.

SendGuard can be purchased in various configurations depending on the security needs of your organization.

What’s New in Version 4?

The following are the main new features that have been introduced in Version 4. Most of these upgrades are a direct result of requests or actual projects that we have completed for clients.

  • Attachment Scanning: SendGuard can now scan inside attachments for words and patterns for sensitive or restricted content. This can be done either in the Send Rules component or in the new DLP component.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): A new screen can now show all DLP violations or warnings in one place.
  • Encryption Support: The SendConfirm screen now can integrate with any server based encryption tool that you are using. Users can be made to explicitly choose if they want to encrypt the email (so that important emails are not sent out without encryption)
  • Send immediately or Delay (To allow Unsend): Many users use DelayGuard to keep the email in the Outbox for a minute before being sent out. The SendConfirm screen now has a checkbox to override this for urgent emails that need to be sent immediately.
  • Color-Coded Email Addresses (Internal/Safe External/External): SendGuard shows each external domain in a different colour, allowing users to identify which domains are emails going out to. Based on customer requests we now have the option to simplify this to three colors: Internal (Black)/Safe External (Green)/External (Red).
  • Performance: the scanning algorithms have been optimized so that all major screens appear almost instantly with virtually zero impact on Outlook.
  • Automatically Resized Screens: All the major screens have been rewritten to resize automatically based on the screen resolution and the amount of information displayed.
  • Office 365 Compatibility: Version 4 will be upgraded regularly to stay compatible with Office 365.
  • Subscription based pricing (See below)

Why the change to Subscription Based Pricing?

If you are an Office 365 user, you may have noticed that Microsoft has started releasing more frequent updates.

We were told that Microsoft is now recommending that security patches and upgrades be rolled out to users more frequently.

Given the nature of SendGuard, subscription based pricing makes it easier for us to ensure that we can keep pace with any changes that Microsoft makes and provide you with the software and support you need.

Upgrading or Starting?

We have contacted or will be contacting users with special upgrade pricing soon. Please contact us if you need upgrade information urgently.

If you are new to SendGuard, you can download a fully function trial version by using the link below. You can also contact our technical team at for an online demo or help with configuring SendGuard for your organization.

SendGuard for Outlook

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