Make users Recheck Recipients and Attachments before sending emails

By: Standss Contributor , Jun 9th, 2020


SendGuard Prompt

The current crisis has meant that many organizations now have users working remotely from home… with the normal distractions that we all have at home.

I wanted to remind users and organizations of a simple way to enhance Outlook to protect users from mistakenly sending confidential information to the wrong people.

Many organizations are choosing to deploy SendGuard so that users are forced to recheck important details before emails are sent out.

  • Users can review the recipients and attachments on one screen. (items can be pre-ticked or you can even get them to tick and confirm each recipient and attachment)
  • External domains are color-coded so it is easier to see exactly how many different organizations the email is going out to.
  • Users can open/view attachments directly from the prompt (to recheck if the correct file is being sent)
  • Users can even rename or reorder attachments by right-clicking on any attachment in the prompt
  • The prompt can include your companies branding and links to policy to emphasis the importance of email security.
  • Logs can be kept when users choose to send emails (on your own computers/servers).
  • All settings can be controlled and locked by administrators if required.


SendGuard is used by organisations of all sizes from single users to 20,000 users in one organization. Our team can provide full support for enterprise deployment and centralised management.

Learn more about Send Guard for Outlook or click below to learn more about the full SendGuard for Outlook email DLP bundle.

SendGuard for Outlook

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