Malware Alert! Kamasutra PowerPoint – Do NOT Open

By: standss , Jan 20th, 2011

According to security firm Sophos, there is a new virus circulating the web waiting to infect your computer. It is disguised as a PowerPoint presentation containing information on the Kamasutra.

There is an actual presentation there with “possibly interesting” information on positions such as “The Frog” and “The Wheelbarrow” but DO NOT BE TEMPTED!

While you are “learning” more, in the background a backdoor Trojan (too easy to comment here so I’m not going to) installs and allows hackers to control your computer, to relay spam, steal your identity, spy on your activities and do other nasty things.

So avoid opening the Kamasutra PowerPoint… there are safer ways of spicing up your love life.

More information on Kamasutra Power Point virus (Sophos).

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