Mark Outlook Task as Complete the Easy Way

By: standss , May 2nd, 2012

Last week we showed how easy it was to snooze multiple reminders at once.

Today’s post is just a follow-up to that as we realised you could do much more then just snoozing from the reminder pop-up screen.

Do you get annoyed when the reminder pop-up appears with Tasks that you might have completed already?

You are so busy that you just didnt find the time to go to the task folder to Mark it as complete.

Here is the easier way to mark Tasks as complete (without browsing all the way to the task folder).

The next time the reminder pop-up appears with completed tasks:

  • Right-click on the task
  • Click Mark Complete
  • Done!!!

Apart from marking task complete, you can also open it incase you need to edit or you could Delete it, all from the same pop-up window.Easy right?

I hope you find this tip useful.

Do you know of other ways to do things easily in Outlook? Share it with our readers and us by leaving a comment below.


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