Mistake #2: Outlook users hate paying subscriptions for non-cloud products

By: standss , Nov 19th, 2012

In my last post, I mentioned that we will look at some of the mistakes we made when we launched Email Tags for Outlook. Here’s mistake Number 2. We decided to go with a yearly price instead of a one-off price as in the past.

Our reasoning was that we would charge a lower price that would allow more users to use the product. Unfortunately most users were either confused by it or hated it!

We’ve heard and we’ve made changes… but we thought we’d share what you told us.

Email Tags is not a cloud based product… so you expect a one-time charge, not a subscription

Users told us that they were happy to pay a higher one-time charge and then pay for updates later. They were only comfortable paying a subscription for cloud based products… which Email tags was NOT!


The subscription also alarmed users… was their data being stored on the Internet? NO! Your data is safe on your computer… where it has always been. Email Tags just makes it more organized and findable.

What happens if I stop using Email Tags? Will I still have access to my emails?

YES! Your emails are all stored safely on your computer. They will all still be accessible from inside Outlook the same way they have always been even if you stop using Email Tags.

The subscription model was causing too much confusion so we’ve changed it! There is a special discounted price for Email Tags available on our website until we launch the new version. All registered users will get a FREE upgrade to the new version.

You can download a fully functional trial of Email Tags (current version) today.

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