Office 2013 is now available – What you need to know

By: standss , Jan 31st, 2013

Office 2013 was officially released by Microsoft on January 29th 2013. We have been testing Office 2013 for a few months now and I have replaced Office 2010 on my main work computer a few days ago as well.

Here is a summary of what I think are the main points as well as some links to a few more detailed reviews:

1.   Office 2013 is stable and works well. I haven’t had any major crashes since using it.
2.   While Office 2013 is nice, I don’t see any major reasons for upgrading just yet if you’re already a Office 2010 user. I didn’t find that many new features that I absolutely could not live without now that I am used to it.
3.   The major change in Office 2013 when compared with previous versions of office is PRICING! Office is available in both standalone and subscription pricing now.
4.   Be careful if you purchase the standalone version! The license allows you to install it on ONE computer only and you CANNOT transfer it to a new computer later.
5.  The Subscription version can be installed on up to 5 devices (depending on whether you are purchasing for Home or Business use).

You can find more detailed information at the following links:

TechRepublic: Microsoft Office 2013 is now available

Office Watch: Office 2013 Section

There is a lot of really useful information on the Office Watch site.

I will also do more blog posts on the new features in Outlook 2013 in the upcoming weeks.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried Office 2013? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment on the blog.

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