Outlook 2010: Turn OFF Conversation View in ALL folders

By: standss , May 3rd, 2010

Outlook 2010 has a new Conversation view that brings together all emails related to the current email which is meant to make it easier to see the full conversation when responding to emails. A great idea but I do NOT like how it works. Here’s how to turn it off across all folders.

This Conversation view is enabled by default on all your Outlook folders and it can be frustrating finding and responding to emails quickly.

I have to be fair here… there are a lot of users who seem to like the Conversation view and I may have not given myself enough time to get used to it…

If like me… you want your emails listed in the way you are used to…

To turn off the Conversation in any ONE folder:

Go to the relevant folder.

Right click on any of the field names and click Arrange By > Conversations > Show Messages in Conversations so that the Show Messages in Conversations is no longer ticked.

This will remove the conversation view from the chosen folder.

To apply this new setting to one or more (or all) other folders:

Select the View tab on the Ribbon.

Click Change View and then click Apply Current View to other Mail Folders. The Apply View screen will be displayed.

Apply View

Select either specific folders or select your entire mailbox. You will probably also want to tick the option to Apply view to subfolders.

Click OK.

It’s nice to have emails displaying the old way again…

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