Outlook 2013 and the Weather

By: standss , Feb 4th, 2013

One of the nice new things in Outlook 2013 is that you can get a weather forecast for the next few days directly in your Calendar. In this post we discuss how you can customise this to display temperature in Celsius (it defaults to Fahrenheit) and to add more locations.

Displaying the Temperature in Celsius

By default the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit. If you’ve grown up with the Celsius system, you’ll probably want to change this.

Click File-Options

Click on Calendar

Scroll down to Weather

Make sure that Show Weather on the calendar is ticked and click on Celsius.

Click OK.

Adding locations so that you can know the temperature in more than one place

This is really useful if you spend your time traveling between a few main locations… or if you want to know what the weather is like to a soon-to-be-visited holiday location.

Go to your Calendar.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the name of the city where the weather is displayed (In the image above, you can see my home town Suva is shown)

Click Add Location (from the list of options in the drop down).

Enter the name of the city town followed by a comma and the name of the country (e.g. Auckland, New Zealand) and press Enter (or click on the magnifying glass)

Select the name of the city from the Search results.

The new city will be added to the list and its weather forecast for the next few days displayed.

You can change between your list of cities by using the drop down arrow.

This may not be the most useful new feature in Outlook 2013 but it is nice… try it out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment on the blog.

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