Outlook Appointments in a Different Time Zone

By: standss , Jan 27th, 2012

Do you have meetings with people in other time zones. We’ve talked about displaying multiple time zones in Outlook previously.

Here’s another time zone tip (for users of Outlook 2010 only). This lets you enter appointments based on the time in another time zone without having to convert it to local time.

* Open your appointment

* Click Time Zones on the ribbon. Outlook will add a time zone drop-down next to the appointment time.

Now you can enter the time of the appointment if the appointment time is given to you based on the time in the other time zone… and Outlook will automatically add it in your calendar at the correct time in your Time Zone.

(Thank you to Ben M. Schorr who writes at OfficeForLawyers for this tip).

Note: If you’re trying to find a suitable time for a meeting based on both your time zones then the tip in displaying multiple time zones in Outlook is better as it lets you see the times in the two zone side-by-side.

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