Outlook Calendar Problem: Reminders Showing Twice

By: standss , Apr 6th, 2010

For some reason Outlook (I am using 2010) started showing each of outlook calendar reminders twice last week. I put up with it for a week… until it got too annoying. Here’s how I fixed the issue.

Research on the web showed two solutions. I tried both and the second one worked for me.

Option 1: Use the cleanreminders switch when starting Outlook

This one did not work for me but it may be the solution that works for you.

  1. Quit Outlook
  2. Click Start-Run
  3. Type Outlook.exe /cleanreminders (don’t forget the space after the exe) and press Enter

Option 2: Check your Outlook data files to see if any file is listed twice

Here’s what did work for me (I recommend you do the cleanreminders first anyway)

I checked my Outlook data files and found that my main Outlook PST was listed twice. I removed one and everything was back to the way it should be.

To check your Outlook data files:

  1. Quit Outlook
  2. Go to your Control Panel and double click Mail.
  3. Select the Data File tab
  4. IF AND ONLY IF you see the same data file listed twice, select the second one and click Remove.
  5. Restart Outlook.

Did any of these two methods work for you. Do you have a different solution. Please leave a comment on the blog.

26 Replies to “Outlook Calendar Problem: Reminders Showing Twice”

  1. After looking through many different sites, yours finally had the solution! Option 2 worked! Thank you!

  2. Just wanted to thank you for your posting – second option worked perfectly for me also – RW

  3. Thanks so much –

    Option 2: Check your Outlook data files to see if any file is listed twice

    resulted in my finding duplicate data files and the recommended removing of the second data file fully resolved the issue.

    I am very grateful to you and to those of like spirit who share their expertise with others. Like you, I do the same when I am able.

    Thanks again!

  4. Option 2 also resolved my problem which was that my sent messages showed twice, as well as my flags and reminders! Thank you so much!!

  5. Thanks much – solution #1 did not work for me, but solution #2 did! I very much appreciate the information!

  6. I’m using Win7, with Office 2010.

    Tried Option 1 – no joy.

    Also tried “outlook /resetfolders” – still no joy.

    I followed Option 2 – I didn’t have duplicated PSTs, but I removed all of mine regardless.

    Have to admit that I don’t know if that worked or not because the additional step I took was the following:

    – remove all PSTs
    – close Outlook, then Control Panel
    – select Mail, select Email Accounts
    – highlight your account and select Change
    – check or uncheck “Use Cached Exchange Mode”, ok until exit
    – open Outlook, then close it again
    – go back and change “Use Cached Exchange Mode” to the original setting

    Worked for me – good luck

  7. Cheers John,

    I checked cached exchange mode and voila! Reminders work again. Setting it back to uncached returns the issue.

  8. Brilliant!
    Option 2 is the winner!

    Before today, I never heard of the /cleanreminders switch. Tried it with no success and then saw it on every site I looked at.
    I think eBay and CL are selling it!

    I did suspect a .PST problem. So, made sure there was not a duplicate file lurking.
    But did not realize there could be a duplicate reference to it!

    Also saw so many refferences to the issue being on the Exchange side. But I’m not using Exchange!
    So, was very frustrated.

    Thank you so much for sharing the correct solution.

  9. Option 2 worked for me – thanks very much. I did check to make sure I deleted the right one – the second file had less data in it.

  10. Option 2 appears to have worked for me. There were two Outlook pst files, as follows:
    1. C:\Users\andreas\Documents\Outlook Files\aantoniou@show.ca.pst
    2. C:\Users\andreas\Documents\Outlook Files\Outlook.pst
    I deleted the first one, the one with my email address as pst file. I am just not sure how it got created and when.
    Note that the second Outlook pst file is empty. My calendar data is kept in an iCloud file.

  11. Perfecto! Did both steps, just as you said. In my case (using an Exchange server), I had an outdated default profile that wouldn’t go away until I deleted the “real” profile. Did that, deleted the outdated file, re-established the real one, and presto. Just like that, the dual reminders went away. THANK YOU!

  12. Go to: Computer >Local Disk (C) >Users > ”enter your user name, here” > My Document >Outlook Files. Find largest or latest duplicate file. Move all other duplicates to a new sub-folder (eg. Outlook-BKUP). Restart Outlook and solve error messages by re-selecting the proper outlook file.

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