Outlook Email Merge: How to Personalize the Email Subject Line

By: Standss Contributor , Aug 3rd, 2021

Did you know that you can get 10-14% more people to open and respond to your email simply by adding their name to the Subject line?

Here are some examples of Subject lines with names in them that are likely to get opened.

John, have you tried this recipe?

Jane, we met at the conference last week…

It is (obviously) easy to write subject lines like the above for individual emails that you write by hand but what about mail merges… where you send out copies of the same email to many people.

How can you personalize each recipient’s Subject line to get the 10-14% boost.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this using any of the built-in methods that come with Outlook. However, you can do this effortlessly using the EmailMerge for Outlook add-in.

If you’re new to EmailMerge…

EmailMerge for Outlook is the fastest and easiest way to send out personalized emails in bulk. Reaching out to prospects and clients has never been this easy and efficient. EmailMerge sends out the same email to many recipients at the same time, but it is not the same as sending one email with many addresses stuffed in the To, CC and BCC fields. It sends each person their own copy of the email… addressed only to them.

EmailMerge can personalize the Subject and Body of the email with recipients name’s or any other personal data (you can even attach a different file for each person)

Personalizing the Subject Line

You will need to download and install Email Merge Pro for Outlook if you don’t already have it in order to follow the steps below.

Click the EmailMerge button on the Outlook Ribbon. Click Create New Merge to start the EmailMerge Wizard.

Follow the steps on the Wizard to select a contact source (you can use Outlook, Excel, CSV files, Access databases or Salesforce). The Wizard is very easy to use.

Continue through the Wizard until you reach the following screen:

Select Goto Email to Edit (as shown) and click Next. You will be taken to the email which you can now customize with the content you want.

Click on the Subject field (at the location where you want to insert an m-field). The m-Field is a tag or placeholder, which will be personalized with the recipient’s details later.

Click Insert m-Field on the Email Merge Pro section of the Outlook ribbon and select the field that you want to add. The field will automatically add to the Subject field as shown.

You can add additional fields to the Subject and the Body of the email. Click Resume EmailMerge on the Email Merge Pro section of the Outlook ribbon to go back to the Wizard. Follow the remaining steps of the Wizard to send out your email.

EmailMerge for Outlook is already used by thousands of businesses around the world to communicate with the customers and suppliers. Download a free trial by clicking on the image below.

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