Outlook Email Merging around Exchange or ISP Limits

By: standss , Aug 22nd, 2018

Has your Exchange Administrator or ISP restricted the number of emails you can send out in a given period? Is this limit stopping you from sending out all the emails you want? This is what you need to do.

This tip is for users of EmailMerge for Outlook.

EmailMerge for Outlook is an Outlook addon that many businesses use to send out personalized sales and marketing emails, invitations, holiday emails etc.

EmailMerge takes one copy of an email, and a mailing list in Outlook or Excel, and then creates and sends out personalized copy of the email to each person in your list.

EmailMerge can send out all emails immediately or it can break them into smaller batches scheduled out at regular intervals.

You will use this scheduled batch sending feature to get around any limits on how many emails you can send out.


The following instructions assume that you already have EmailMerge for Outlook downloaded and installed inside Outlook.

  1. Use EmailMerge to create your merge as always.
  2. Continue through the EmailMerge Wizard until you get to the “Configure Sending Options” screen.EmailMerge Configure Sending Options
  3. Click on the highlighted link to see the following screen:EmailMerge Sending Rule
  4. Select the second option which says, “Send ___ E-mail(s) every ___ minutes”.
  5. Set the limit of “Send ___ E-mail(s) every ___ minutes” to (well) below your server administrator limit for the number of emails to be sent at specific durations.
  6. You can also tick the “Save above settings to use next time” if you wish so that on the next email merge these settings are applied.
  7. Click on the OK button. Click the Next button on the “Configure Sending Options” screen.

Click the Finish button to send your emails.

I hope that this tip helps solve any problem that you have getting around limits set by your Exchange Administrator or ISP for sending out emails.

If you are not a user yet, download a fully-functional trial of EmailMerge for Outlook from Standss today.


5 Replies to “Outlook Email Merging around Exchange or ISP Limits”

  1. Does the scheduling come with the standard email merge or do you need email merge pro? I cannot get to this screen for scheduling.

  2. Each server / exchange has daily limits 200 / 500 PCS.
    Is there a way to send 2000 / 3000 PCS per day?

  3. That was pretty much why I got Emailmerge in the first place! What is harder to know is what that limit is, since not all ISPs are forthcoming on the subject. And if you want to send a few hundred emails, it may be necessary to do so overnight!

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