Outlook Email Tip: Images in your marketing emails are reducing response rates!

By: standss , Aug 26th, 2010

Using images in your marketing emails incorrectly can cause a reduction in response rates. Here’s why:

  1. Plain text emails get through spam filters more easily (ultimately it depends on content so your plain text emails will still get caught if you are sending out obvious spam).
  2. Email clients like Outlook do not display graphics in emails by default because spammers have started using them for tracking purposes etc. Therefore if you have your main message only in an image (without repeating it in text), then your readers may never actually see it.
  3. Many email users are now using the preview pane to scan through emails before deciding which emails deserve their attention. If you have a graphic at the top that is not meaningful then your emails may be skipped.
  4. Not all your readers are using the same version of Outlook as you are… in fact many may not be using Outlook at all (think Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc). In our experience images often cause HTML emails to display differently in different browsers which can spoil the look you want to achieve with your emails.

This is one of the main reasons that most of the professionally designed templates in our Email Merge for Outlook addin have little or no images in them. Instead we have used HTML to create a professional look that displays properly and looks great in all the email programs that your readers will be using.

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