[Outlook] Hidden Feature – How to Resend an Outlook email

By: standss , Nov 13th, 2017

Do you need to send an email again? Maybe you forgot to attach a file the first time, or maybe you sent it to the wrong person, maybe you need to add a few more recipients…

One way to do this is to go to find the sent email (in your Sent Items folder) and then do a Forward or Reply on it, make any changes you want and then click Send. The problem with that is it adds FW or RE in the subject line… and adds the original send dates, recipients etc in the body of the email. Any changes that you make to the email may also be highlighted in a different color making it look like you resent the email.

If email security and confidentiality is important to your organization, you may also want to look at SendGuard for Outlook.

There is an another way built into Outlook.

Go to your Sent Items folder.

Open the email in its own window (by double-clicking on it).

The Message tab of the Ribbon should already be selected (click on it if you need to).

One the Move group, click Actions and then click Resend This Message.
SendGuard for Outlook
A new unsent email will be opened will all the details of this email copied to it. Make any changes that you need to and then click Send.

I hope that this tip helps you in those instances when you need to resend an email.

If you work with important and/or confidential information in your emails, you may also want to add extra protection using a tool like SendGuard for Outlook.

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  1. Great hint thanks! It’s needed because the location of this item reveals yet another ill-thought design as Microsoft migrates to a ribbon-style interface. Why in heave’s name would this feature be located under ‘Move’? It should be under ‘Respond’ where ‘forward’ is.

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