Outlook Search Tips Revisited

By: standss , Feb 16th, 2012

I set down last night to find out what were the most common problems that readers of our Outlook blog were trying to solve. I noticed that many visitors were looking for solutions to Outlook search problems or how they could use the outlook search features better.

So I thought, as part of today’s post, I will revisit some of the post related to search in Outlook.

Fixing Search Problems in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

The Search functionality in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 is great… unless it is not working. Most of the time rebuilding the search index clears up the problems. Unfortunately it isn’t obvious, at least not from inside Outlook, how you can do this.
Check out this post to learn How to Rebuild the Search Indexes.

Make Outlook 2007/2010 search ALL folders instead of just the current folder

Outlook (by default) searches emails in the current folder you are in. The Search results also come up with a link at the bottom to “Try Searching all Mail Items”. I find myself ALWAYS clicking on the Search All link as I rarely bother to move to the relevant folder first.
This post shows how you can force Outlook to search all mail items by default

Human-Friendly Power Searches in Outlook 2007/2010

Do you find Outlook search to be to complex, not so human-friendly. Did you know that Outlook let’s you refine your searches using human friendly English words?
This post shows you how easy, human-friendly and powerful Outlook search is.

We hope that these tips help you use Outlook search better. If you have your own Search tips, please share it with other readers by leaving a comment.

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