Outlook Tip: Add Attachment to Email using Drag and Drop

By: standss , Feb 23rd, 2012

Adding attachments to email is no big deal, even beginners would know how to do this (Click on the Attachment button and browsing the file).

But the problem with this method is that there is a possibility you might forget to add the attachment to the email. Why?

Because we send hundreds of emails in a day (not all require an attachment), the most obvious sequences of steps are, open a blank email > enter the email address > subject > content > and then click Send.

If an email needs an attachment, it would likely be the last thing you will add and so there is chances you will miss it. Which means you will again have to send another email with the attachment wasting your time and maybe annoying your clients/customers.

Here is how you can use Drag and Drop to add an attachment to the email first and then enter the other details

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the Inbox
  • Go to the location where you have saved the file you wish to attach
  • Drag and Drop the file in the Inbox.

This will now open a blank email with the attachment added. You can now enter the email address, subject (this will be the same as the name of the attachment but you can always change it), enter the content and click Send. Simple and Safe!

For those who still prefer the traditional method of adding attachment, you can try SendGuard for Outlook. This simple Outlook addin automatically prompts you if it feels that an email is missing an attachment. You can focus on the more important stuff like the email content while this outlook add on runs in the background and protects you when needed.

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3 Replies to “Outlook Tip: Add Attachment to Email using Drag and Drop”

  1. This seems like a good idea, but I didn’t get all the steps from the above. Would you be able to do a brief video explaining how you attached a file to an email this way? Thanks!

  2. Yep – works pretty well. The only caveat – you must drag and drop the file to be attached in the *Inbox* only – not just any portion of the Outlook window.

  3. This is a cool trick – something that I hadn’t heard about before. What would be REALLY convenient, that may not be possible, is to somehow attach a file from an open Office window to an existing email being composed, without going through Windows Explorer. (I know about the Send command from the Office menu; that’s not what I have in mind.) Here’s the scenario: I am reading an email and I want to reply, and attach a document to the reply. I have the document open in say Word. I just want to somehow get the Word document attached to the email without all the browsing and selecting that has to happen by going through Windows Explorer as an intermediary. The browsing is cumbersome when the directory trees are complex and I am not going to the same file directory that I was in the last time I attached a file to an email. Is there a plug-in or something that could enable this functionality? It seems like a no-brainer; I am surprised that Microsoft didn’t put it in. Maybe they are saving it for Windows 9.

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