The People YOU helped us help in 2011

By: standss , Dec 22nd, 2011

As another year comes to an end, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas… and we thank you for your support. We’d also like to share with you the contributions to the less privileged in our country that you have made possible.

Many of you already know that we are based in the tropical islands of Fiji. Our country is very beautiful, the people are wonderful and the weather is great throughout the year.

However, like all developing countries, we too have people who have not been as fortunate… people who need a helping hand.

This year, with your help, we have contributed to the following organizations.

Save the Children Fiji: As in previous years, we have continued to work with SCF to assist with their work for the children of Fiji.  We made several donations to SCF this year and finished the year with a donation to their Education Assistance Program.

What is the Education Assistance Program? The Fiji Government has over the last few years tried to make education accessible to all children by removing school fees and providing text books to all. It has even started a free bus fare and feeding program.

Despite this many children in Fiji find it difficult to attend school because their parents are unable to provide other basic school supplies such as stationery.

SCF’s Education Assistance aims to supply these essentials so that the education of children will not be affected due to (hopefully) temporary economic hardships faced by families.

Without this assistance, there are many children who may not be able to attend school in 2012… and the unfortunate reality is that once a child leaves the school system, he or she may never go back.

Fiji Crippled Children’s Society:  I know… they could do with a name change to something that is a little more sensitive to the feelings of the children they serve. That being said… this organization does serve a very important and often neglected group of children in our community… and they have been doing it very well for many years.

Fiji Children’s Treatment Fund: Their aim is to provide financial support to parents of children with serious (sometimes terminal) illnesses who are unable to pay for the necessary treatment. I have little children of my own (two boys… 8 and 6). It is difficult to even imagine the feelings a parent will go through knowing their child is going through pain that could easily be reduced if they only had the money.

Home of Compassion: The Home of Compassion is a home for the elderly and is run by Catholic Sisters. They do a fantastic job of making the people they serve feel like part of a family.

I was introduced to this organization because my wife’s aunt is one of the Sisters at the Home of Compassion. As a result I have had the privilege of visiting the home on several occasions to witness that this is not a ”home” in name only. The people living there get to be part of a truly loving family.

Father Law Home: The Father Law Home is a small home that is setup outside Suva to look after the elderly. This is not an establishment with a lot of money and it looks after many people who have no other place to go. 

Fiji Cancer Society: Even in a small place like Fiji, Cancer is becoming much more visible. There are very few people who do not know at least one person who had not been affected by this.

Fiji Society for the Blind: This is a society that we are happy to donate to on an annual basis.

It has been our privilege to be able to give something back to our country by helping others in need. We know that this has only been possible thanks to you… if you had not purchased our products, we would have had less to share with others.

So once again… thank you all very much. We wish you a very happy and safe festive season and look forward to serving you even better in 2012.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Singh and Your Outlook Team at Standss| |

2 Replies to “The People YOU helped us help in 2011”

  1. Dear Mr. Singh,

    Thank you for sharing about the wonderful works you are helping in your country of Fiji. It just blessed my heart to think that, in some very small way, my purchases of your products has assisted in these endeavors of helping those in need. You are truly blessed to be a blessing to others, just as God intends! May you and your family and all those whom you assist experience a most joyful Christmas season, and best wishes in the New Year.

    God bless you and all those you love and are concerned about.

    Margaret Gates

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