Productivity Tip: Make Outlook display your Calendar instead of the Inbox in the Morning

By: standss , Sep 10th, 2010

Want to increase your productivity. Look at your Calendar BEFORE you look at your Inbox in the morning. Here’s how to setup Outlook to automatically display your calendar when it opens in the morning.

Your emails in your inbox generally reflect the priorities of others. Go there first and you can easily find yourself in fire-fighting mode instead of strategic mode for most of your day.

Start the day by looking at your Calendar and seeing what you have already scheduled for the day. Schedule any new things that you want to do today that are important to you and your business. Then look at your Inbox.

I have setup my own Outlook to open up displaying the Calendar instead of the Outbox. Here’s how you can do the same.

In Outlook 2010:

  • Click File-Options
  • Select Advanced
  • Change Start Outlook in this folder to Calendar.

Start Outlook Calendar

In all other versions of Outlook:

  • Click Tools-Options.
  • Select the Others tab.
  • Click Advanced Options. The startup folder is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Click the Browse button to select the Calendar.

The next time you open Outlook, you’ll be looking at your Calendar.

2 Replies to “Productivity Tip: Make Outlook display your Calendar instead of the Inbox in the Morning”

  1. Hi Sanjay,

    I actually prefer to start my day with Outlook Today. That way I can see my appointments for the day, and the rest of the week as well as quickly get to my email if that is a high priority that day.

    Thanks for the tip as always…

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