QuickFile for Outlook Update for Usability (& NetDocuments)

By: standss , Sep 26th, 2017

QuickFile for Outlook has been updated with two important tweaks that make filing and managing emails in Outlook even easier. Both these updates are based on user suggestions.

Find out why QuickFile for Outlook is used by thousands of firms for filing, finding and organizing emails.

#1 Sticky Columns Widths

The QuickFile (and Find & Goto Folder) screen shows you folder names and the paths of folders as shown below.
QuickFile For Outlook
It has always been possible to see more or less by dragging to increase or decrease the size of the column on the screen but…

A user with longer folder names requested that the column widths be sticky i.e. QuickFile remember the column width from the last time i.e. when the QuickFile screen opens, the column widths automatically resize to what you set them to the last time instead of going back to the default widths.

This has been implemented in the new version and feedback has been very positive.

And in case you want to go back to default column widths, simply right click on the screen and click Reset Column Size.

#2 Icons to indicate mapped NetDocuments folders

Many QuickFile for Outlook users are also users of the NetDocuments document management system.

We created MailSync for NetDocuments and Outlook to allow them to continue to file emails into Outlook and still have the emails copied over to NetDocuments.

The new version of QuickFile clearly shows which of your Outlook folders are mapped up to NetDocuments using MailSync (emails in mapped folders are automatically profiled and copies over to the correct workspace in NetDocuments).

You can see this in the screenshot above where the BLUE and RED folders are mapped back to NetDocuments (the RED folders are mapped privately so that only you can see the emails in NetDocuments).

This is a free update for existing users of QuickFile Version 5.x. Simply download and install the trial version and it will automatically use your existing license information from the computer.

And if you haven’t tried QuickFile yet, you can download 30 day trial of QuickFile for Outlook to see how you can file 90% of inbox emails at the click of one button, and send and file outgoing emails in one step.


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