Reminders Showing Twice in Outlook + Solutions

By: standss , Sep 6th, 2011

Yesterday a friend of mine called for assistance regarding an unusual problem he had with Outlook Reminders. For some reason Outlook (he was using Outlook 2010) showed each of outlook calendar reminders twice. He had put up with this for sometime until it got really frustrating. Here’s how I fixed the issue.

Research on the web showed two solutions. I tried both and the second one worked.

Option 1: Use the cleanreminders switch when starting Outlook

This one did not work for him but it may be the solution that works for you.

  1. Quit Outlook
  2. Click Start > Run
  3. Type Outlook.exe /cleanreminders (don’t forget the space after the exe) and press Enter

Option 2: Check your Outlook data files to see if any file is listed twice

Here’s what did work for him (I recommend you do the cleanreminders first anyway)

I checked his Outlook data files and found that his main Outlook PST was listed twice. I removed one and everything was back to the way it should be.

To check your Outlook data files:

  1. Quit Outlook
  2. Go to your Control Panel and double click Mail.
  3. Select the Data File tab
  4. IF AND ONLY IF you see the same data file listed twice, select the second one and click Remove.
  5. Restart Outlook.

Did any of these two methods work for you. Do you have a different solution.
Please leave a comment on the blog.

3 Replies to “Reminders Showing Twice in Outlook + Solutions”

  1. Did not try the 1st solution.. it did not make sense to me..
    The 2nd solution made more sense and looked at my mail configuration and i could see 2 profiles setup.. I suspect a update from IT for my outlook resulted in the 2nd profile after which i started seeing 2 reminders for the same meeting.

    Great job posting an excellent solution.

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