Why you may have resisted starting Email Marketing?

By: standss , Aug 23rd, 2010

We recently released a report called The Accidental Salesperson’s Guide to Email Marketing. We’ve had some interesting (NEGATIVE) FEEDBACK from users, particularly with regards to why they have resisted making a start with email marketing in their own businesses.

In this post we look at the reasons given to us… and if/how the newest version of Email Merge for Outlook can overcome them.

Reason #1: I don’t have an existing list of people to start email marketing to

Yes you do… how about all the people you already do business with. How many contacts do you already have in Outlook.

How about the business card you collected during seminars, trade events meetings etc? It won’t take long to enter them into Outlook.

What about the contacts on your sales processing or accounting systems. Virtually all sales and accounting systems allow you to export contact details in Excel format… and all the better email marketing systems can use information from Excel.

(Email Merge for Outlook software can work with Outlook, Excel, Access, CSV files and more)

Reason #2: Am I not supposed to seek permission from customers before emailing them

If you had preciously emailed them from Outlook or from your accounting systems (or they have given you their business card) then you already have permission to a certain degree. But… this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have permission to start spamming them.

My personal opinion on this (and this is not a legal opinion) is that you can send them additional information related to what you have communicated about in the past.

But… if they ask not to receive marketing information then, don’t send it to them. This way you still keep open your normal business emails.

(This is why we added the Do-Not-Send-To list in Email Merge. Add someone to that list and Email Merge will NEVER send a marketing email to them… even if you forget and accidentally select them)

Reason #3: It is too difficult to use email addresses from Excel… I am unable to simply import and start using email addresses into most of the email marketing systems that I have seen. (Although I can import the email addresses, they cannot be used until my contact has opted in)

Email Merge for Outlook lets you start sending out emails to contacts from Outlook, Excel, Access etc immediately… without requiring them to opt-in. But…

This is not a license to spam! If you don’t treat customers’ email addresses with respect, they will blacklist you and your emails will end up unread in their junk mail folders.

(The previously mentioned Do-Not-Send-To list in Email Merge adds a layer of protection to stop this from happening unintentionally.)

Reason #4: I don’t want to learn yet another software to create and send out my emails

Most systems that work outside of Outlook will require a little bit of learning before you start.

Email Merge for Outlook works inside of Outlook by adding a few buttons to the Outlook toolbars /ribbons.

  • You create and format your email using Outlook so there is nothing new to learn. (We’ve even put in professionally designed templates so that you don’t have to be a formatting guru to send out great looking emails)
  • You click ONE button and the Email Merge Wizard takes you step-by-step through selecting the recipients and then sending out the emails.

Reason #5: I can’t use Outlook… my ISP has placed restrictions on the number of emails I can send out in a certain time?

Email Merge can break your email outs into smaller batches and then schedule them so that you meet your ISP’s requirements.

Reason #6: I am on a budget. Many email marketing systems seem to have monthly subscriptions and then there are limits on the number of emails that I can send out.

Most online systems do have monthly prices. However Email Merge for Outlook is a ONE TIME PURCHASE…. and there are NO LIMITS to how many emails you can send out.

I hope that I have convinced you that
Email Marketing can be easily done from inside Outlook.

We’ve already launched the BRAND NEW VERSION of Email Merge to existing users. Feedback has been awesome… this is the FASTEST, EASIEST, SAFEST way to create and send out PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PERSONALIZED EMAILS from INSIDE OUTLOOK using your EXISTING DATA.

We are going to launch Email Merge to everyone who is not already an existing user within the next 24 hours.

We know that seeing is believing… we are completing a short video showing you how easy Email Merge makes it to use your existing data for email marketing.

There will be some great discounts and bonuses for early movers so keep your eyes on your Inbox.

Till tomorrow.


PS: The last time our early mover bonuses ran out within 24 hours of release so please keep an eye on your Inbox. The video we will release tomorrow will show you immediately if you will benefit from Email Merge for Outlook or not.

2 Replies to “Why you may have resisted starting Email Marketing?”

  1. You’ve answered most of my concerns, Sanjay. I am just looking forward to seeing it in action tomorrow with the video. If it looks easy and as professional as Constant Contact, you’ll have me as a client!

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