Respect your customers… how to avoid sending them Outlook (marketing) emails when they have asked to not be contacted

By: standss , Aug 18th, 2010

Email marketing using Outlook can be tricky if you don’t manage it properly. You will probably be using Outlook to send your customers and prospects marketing emails and normal non-marketing emails.

If your customer has asked you politely (the first email is usually polite) to not send them marketing emails then STOP.

You will need to contact them via email again for non-marketing related things… use their email address against their wishes and you may find that you get blocked off.

This is one of the NEW SAFETY features that we have built into Email Merge PRO Version 3! We have added a Do Not Send list.

What is the Do Not Send List? It is a special list maintained by you inside Email Merge. It contains a list of people who have asked to NOT be sent marketing emails (but probably still are happy to receive your normal emails).

Now when you send out a marketing email from Outlook using EmailMerge PRO, no emails will be sent to anyone who is on your Do-Not-Send-To list… even if you try to add them to your list of recipients manually.

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