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By: standss , Jun 6th, 2018

Restrict Reply-All or Forward Prompt

Do you need to restrict what users do to emails that you (or users in your organization) send out? Here’s how to stop recipients from forwarding or replying-to-all on your emails.

This tip will work for internal emails sent out using Exchange. It may also work for external emails if the recipient is using Outlook.

You will need to download and install ReplyGuard for Outlook (or SendGuard) in order to use this tip.

Thousands of users around the world are using ReplyGuard (which can be installed separately or as a component of SendGuard for Outlook) to prevent accidental disclosure of confidential information by email.

Two ways to Disable Forwards and Reply-All

If you have ReplyGuard installed and configured (more information on Settings later), you will see the following two check boxes on the Ribbon when you write an email.

Restrict Reply-All and Forward in Ribbon

Tick the appropriate boxes if you want to prevent users from forwarding or doing reply-all on your emails.

Alternatively, ReplyGuard can be setup to display the following prompt any time an email is sent out to more than a predefined number of recipients.

Restrict Reply-All or Forward Prompt

Again, you only need to tick the appropriate box to restrict what users can do with your email.


You can configure ReplyGuard from the Settings screen to use one or both of the methods outlined above.

(Network Administrators can also contact us for information on a customized MSI or ADMX/ADML files for centralised deployment and management of these settings)

Here are the steps for Reply Guard settings:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on Standss Outlook Addins on the Outlook ribbon.
  3. Go to the SendGuard Settings Screen
  4. Click on Reply Guard

Reply Guard Settings Screen

  1. Set the preferred settings
  2. Click on the Apply or OK button to save the settings

ReplyGuard can be purchased separately or as a component of SendGuard for Outlook. Click below for more information or to download a fully functional trial.


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