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By: standss , Nov 17th, 2011

Working solo or individually was very popular before but now more and more people prefer working in teams and groups.

There are obvious reasons for working in teams:

  1. It helps share the workload thus
  2. Work is done much faster and
  3. Working in team is just fun

Working in teams is what we have always believed and so when designing our addins (of course with the help from our customers who we also consider part of the team) we have ensured to design the Outlook Addins so that it allows easy sharing and collaboration with team members.

The post today occurred as a result of our recent communication with a client.

Here is what happened:

We recently received a query from a person who was the Head of the Support Department in the company he worked. He was looking for a Outlook based solution which would allow his team to respond to customers issues and queries quickly and efficiently.

He stated to us that a lot of the queries that they received on a day to day basis were the same and the support team were wasting a lot of time having to write the same emails (answers) every time. This was time consuming as well as error prone.

We told him about one of our Outlook Addons InsertText and provided a link to download a fully functional 30 day trial.

Upon trialing, he could immediately see the benefits of using InsertText rather then having the team members re-writing the same emails over and over again.

We then showed him how to configure InsertText so that the templates can be shared amongst other team members.

After communicating with our newly added customer, we realized how important the sharing of templates feature is and there could be others who are looking for a similar solution. There could be other readers on our list who are unaware of this feature of InsertText so we thought to share it.

Step-by-Step instructions

InsertText allows multiple users to share templates. If you are in an exchange environment you can use Public Folders as a location to share templates from. To enable sharing:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the little arrow On the InsertText Toolbar or Ribbon, click Settings
  • Click the Folder Settings tab
  • Tick the checkbox “I am using Microsoft Exchange Server…” to enable sharing of templates.
  • Use the Change Folder… button below this checkbox to select your appropriate shared folder which is in Exchange.
    Note: If you wish to view your shared templates by default when loading templates and also while saving templates then select Shared option in both the options in the Shared Templates Folder section.
  • Click OK

Now other users of the team who have InsertText installed will also be able to view the shared templates and use them when responding to emails.

About InsertText

InsertText makes it quick and easy to write and reply to emails. It does this by letting you create and save InsertText templates. These templates are simply prewritten text blocks that you can insert into your emails whenever you need to.

You owe it to yourself to try InsertText.

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