How to Schedule your Email Campaigns in Outlook using EmailMerge

By: Standss Contributor , Sep 19th, 2023

Email newsletters have become a vital aspect of communication and engagement for businesses.

One often overlooked aspect of managing email newsletters is the importance of scheduling.

It ensures that your messages are sent at optimal times, maintains consistency, prevents subscriber overwhelm, accommodates different time zones, and allows for efficient automation.

By scheduling, you can also conduct A/B testing and deliver time-sensitive content like event announcements or promotions precisely when they’re most relevant.

In this article, we will show you how you can schedule your emails with EmailMerge for achieving maximum impact and connecting with your audience effectively.

How to Schedule, Pause, Reschedule and Cancel your Email Campaigns

Download EmailMerge for Outlook

If you are an existing user of EmailMerge follow the instructions below.

In EmailMerge you can use the built-in Scheduler to scheduler your email campaigns.

Note: The Scheduler feature is available only in EmailMerge Version 5 Pro and Pro + Salesforce Edition.

Use the EmailMerge wizard to create your merges like you normally do. If you are unfamiliar with the steps involved, head over to this blogpost-  How to send out Personalized Emails directly from Outlook.

In the Sending Options window of the EmailMerge wizard you can use the scheduler.

Select the Send via Scheduler option and then click Now from the “Send when” section.

The following window will open where you can select the Later option to schedule your emails.

You can also select “Send in batches” option to send emails in batches as opposed to sending it all at once.

Click OK to apply your settings and after this click Finish on the Sending Options window.

The emails will be added to the EmailMerge Scheduler for sending out at your chosen time.

The Scheduler window will open up. The scheduler runs in the background processing your merges and you can use Outlook and your Outbox for normal emails.

EmailMerge Scheduler

Why use the Scheduler?

In the Scheduler window you can view your scheduled merges/emails, you can pause, resume or cancel your email campaigns.

Changing the date and time of a scheduled merge is easy. Simply select the merge and click the Settings button.

To automatically shut down your computer when sending out large email campaigns, select the ‘Auto-Shutdown’ checkbox. This feature comes in handy when you are sending out large merges that can take time.

You can leave your computer on while the emails are being sent out, and once the merge process is finished, the scheduler can shut down your computer for you. However, please ensure that other applications are closed and only Outlook is running.

And that’s about it! You have successfully scheduled your emails using the Scheduler.

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