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By: Standss Contributor , Aug 17th, 2021

Do you know that you could increase opens and responses to your sales/marketing emails by as much as 60% simply by sending them that out at the correct time?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be at the computer to send out the email at the best time BUT… in the post we will show you how you can SCHEDULE your emails to go out at the right time.

Timing is important, and this is especially true when it comes to emails.

After drafting a crucial message, you might hit “send” right away, but have you ever considered different time zones or inappropriate timing?

Determining the best time to send your email can give you significantly better results.

Studies show that emails sent in the evening are more likely to be lost, forgotten, or disregarded, whereas scheduling to send an email around 9 in the morning would give you at least 60% higher open and read rates.

While setting a delayed delivery time on individual emails is easy, there is an even easier way to merge out your sales and marketing emails and have them scheduled to go out at a time of your choosing.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on scheduling bulk emails.

EmailMerge, which is an Outlook add-in, helps users to easily schedule and send bulk personalized emails with just a few simple clicks. It runs inside Outlook making it user friendly and easier to use.

To use the steps below make sure you have EmailMerge installed and added to Outlook. If you don’t already have it, download a fully functional trial version.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open a new email.
  • Click the EmailMerge Pro Wizard button on the toolbar to open up the Wizard.
  • Navigate to the step which says on top “Configure Sending Options”.

  • On this screen, click on the link “Send all e-mails at once”.
  • Check if the second option is checked which says “Send ___ E-mail(s) every ___ minutes”.
  • See if you have entered x emails every x minutes.

If you have, then this is the settings that is affecting the sending time for you emails.

  • Set the appropriate option for your setting and click ok.
  • You can select the first option saying “Send all e-mails at once” to send emails without delay.
  • Click ok on the “Sending Rule” screen to close and save settings.
  • On the “Configure Sending Options” screen you have another link saying “Now”.

Click on this link to check how you have scheduled your emails. To send all emails now, check “Now”.

  • To delay the emails, check the second option and set the settings.

You’re all good to go!

Determine when your recipients are most likely to check their mail or will be grateful for the email. Schedule your emails based on the information you’ve gathered as good practice.

EmailMerge for Outlook is already used by thousands of businesses around the world to communicate with customers and suppliers. Download a free trial by clicking on the image below.

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