Send & Receive in Outlook 2010 in ONE click

By: standss , Apr 8th, 2010

The Ribbon has been implemented throughout Outlook in 2010. One of the problems with the Ribbon is that some of the features that I really need now take more than one click e.g. Send&Receive.

Send&Receive in 2010 is not on the Home tab which means that I have to click the Send/Receive tab and then Send/Receive All Folders. In older versions of Outlook, I simply had to click Send&Receive on the toolbar.

Luckily Microsoft has put a single click way of Sending and Receiving on the Quick Access Toolbar.

What is the Quick Access Toolbar…. It is a row of small icons that are placed on the title bar… basically the upper left hand corner of your Outlook window. The icons will be displayed irrespective of which tab of the Ribbon you are on… and you can add your own icons/commands to it.

The good news… Send&Receive is already on it (as shown below).

I actually noticed the Send&Receive icon by accident but now I use it several times everyday.

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