SendGuard For Outlook is Now on Microsoft AppSource

By: Standss Contributor , Dec 13th, 2022

Standss, a leading Email Security and Outlook productivity solutions provider is pleased to announce that it is now available on the Microsoft AppSource.

Microsoft AppSource customers can now procure SendGuard, the main outbound email security solution offered by Standss via the AppSource Marketplace.

SendGuard protects your business against accidental data disclosure and non-compliant behavior of your employees.

By making SendGuard available on AppSource Marketplace, we are taking a major step forward in achieving our mission of making SendGuard a leading outbound email security solution.

The Benefits of Buying SendGuard from AppSource

Simplified Purchasing Process: If your company uses Microsoft 365, your email address can be used for purchasing SendGuard.

You’ll also need a valid credit card from the country/region you are purchasing from.

Placing your order and configuring SendGuard is seamless without any complex steps.

Simplified Management: AppSource allows you to manage charges, upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations in a single place using the Microsoft 365 admin center.

SendGuard is certified by Microsoft: SendGuard has passed the latest technical requirements by Microsoft and therefore it can be implemented without risk. Every solution listed in AppSource is certified by Microsoft according to a specific criteria. As a customer, you are guaranteed SendGuard is of high quality and conforms to Microsoft’s Best Practices.

Custom Pricing and Terms & Conditions: Pricing model, end-user license agreement, and privacy policies can be customized to suit your business needs.

How SendGuard prevents data leaks on Email?

SendGuard empowers your users/employees to work securely over email by preventing them from sending sensitive data to unintended recipients. It can be seamlessly embedded in Microsoft Outlook without disrupting your organizational workflow.

Here’s how SendGuard can help your organization meet your email security needs:

Stop Outbound Email Data Breaches: Prompt users to confirm Recipients and Attachments before emails are sent out.

Achieve Compliance with International Data Privacy Laws: GDPR (EU), CCPA, HIPAA for the US healthcare industry, FINRA for the US financial sector, Australian Privacy Act, POPIA (South Africa), PIPEDA (Canada)

Detect Confidential Information: Scan outgoing emails for sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, health identification numbers, etc.

Client-side rules for automated actions based on email content and properties: Warn users, block emails, automatically mark emails for encryption, CC or BCC managers or compliance managers

Custom Scripts for Special Checks: Based on your security needs we can create custom scripts for your company to perform special checks on outgoing emails.

In a busy work environment, we all can make mistakes.

In today’s world where the exchange of sensitive information takes via email- this could mean serious security incidents for businesses.

And it’s important to consider that it’s the people in your organization that can cause a data breach.

Misdirected emails are one of the major causes of a data breach according to a report by the  UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. It is in your best interest to safeguard client experience by ensuring that your business operates with the lowest possible risk of sending misdirected emails.

Microsoft AppSource makes it easy for your organization to buy and deploy SendGuard to prevent data breaches caused by email mistakes.

About Standss

Standss develops best-in-class Microsoft Outlook add-ins for businesses that empower them to be more productive, more organized and mitigate outbound email data breaches caused by human error on email.

Our solutions make the act of sending emails safer by preventing human error-related data breaches caused by misaddressed emails or wrongly attached files. Standss helps businesses achieve regulatory compliance and satisfy their organizational needs for outbound email security.

If you are a Cloud Solution Provider, you can now resell SendGuard to your customers.

Contact our partner team at or click here for more information.

To arrange for a demo, contact us at

SendGuard for Outlook

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