SendGuard For Outlook is Now on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By: Standss Contributor , Sep 8th, 2022

Standss, a leading Email Security and Outlook productivity provider is pleased to announce that it is now transactable on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure customers can now procure SendGuard, the main outbound email security solution offered by Standss via the Azure Marketplace.

SendGuard protects your business against accidental data disclosure and non-compliant behavior of your employees.

By making SendGuard transactable on Azure Marketplace, we are taking a major step forward in achieving our mission of making SendGuard a leading outbound email security solution.

Visit our Listing on Microsoft Azure Marketplace to learn more about how SendGuard can help promote outbound email security in your organization.

The Benefits of Buying SendGuard from Azure Marketplace

Simplified Procurement Process:   You can now purchase SendGuard directly from Microsoft. Billing information for SendGuard will be consolidated in the invoice you receive from Microsoft. The simplified acquisition process is a major benefit to you as you don’t need to receive a separate invoice from us.

It will be easier for you to manage your software subscriptions and payments as the invoices you receive from Microsoft will be consolidated to include Marketplace purchases (like SendGuard) and other Microsoft purchases (like Office 365 and Azure) in one place.

Custom Prices, Terms & Conditions: Marketplace Private Offers can be used to offer negotiated pricing and custom terms and conditions. This gives customers the flexibility they need to negotiate large-scale deals.

How SendGuard Enhances your Outbound Email Security?

One of the most common contributing factors to email-based data breaches is human error.

SendGuard for Outlook is a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution that analyzes email content and attachments for all outbound emails to ensure email data security.

Our customers from the financial, legal, banking, government and medical sector use SendGuard to check the contents of outgoing emails in order to get the sender to immediately confirm recipients, attachments and any other sensitive content before emails are sent out.

You can easily achieve compliance with strict data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and stop human-related error on email.

SendGuard DLP checks email content for specific words or data patterns and warns/blocks users if it finds any potentially sensitive or restrictive information. 

We can also create custom scripts for your business based on your security needs to perform any other special checks on outgoing emails.

Partner Opportunity for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP)

If you are a Cloud Solution Provider, you can now resell SendGuard to your customers.

Contact our partner team on or click here for more information.

How to Buy SendGuard from Microsoft Azure Marketplace?

Buying SendGuard from Azure Marketplace simplifies the procurement process by streamlining the process of purchasing, invoicing and managing purchasing policy.

To buy SendGuard from the marketplace, visit our listing by clicking the button below.

To arrange for a demo, contact us on

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