SendGuard for Outlook Update: Reply-to-All and Reply to Outlook emails is now 100x safer

By: standss , Apr 7th, 2011

It always amazes me with the fantastic ideas that our readers/users come up with. Here is a simple (why didn’t we think of this earlier) idea that a user suggested to us that virtually ELIMINATES any chance of you replying or replying-to-all to the wrong people.

Before I show you the cool new implementation the user suggested:

What is the danger of doing a Reply-to-All when you really meant to do a Reply?

You may receive an email addressed to many people… and want to respond to only the sender with some confidential information… or maybe a not-so-positive comment about one of the other recipients.  An accidental Reply-to-All instead of a Reply… and suddenly everyone sees what you wrote.

And vice versa…What is the danger of doing a Reply when you meant to do a Reply-to-All?

In many cases you need to do a Reply-to-All to keep everyone informed in discussions. Do a Reply instead of a Reply-to-All and some people are left out…

This is usually less catastrophic and at the worst case usually means that you have to waste time resending emails… still a mistake better avoided if possible

What was our OLD Solution?
SendGuard for Outlook had a couple of prompts that came up to warn you when you were doing a Reply-to-All or a Reply on an email with multiple recipients.

Old reply to all

It was a good solution but it was still easy to accidentally click Yes when you were in a rush.

What is the new SAFER and FASTER solution?
With the new version, anytime you click Reply or Reply-to-All on an email with multiple recipients, SendGuard for Outlook will show you exactly who you are sending the email to.

New Reply to All

I love this screen and really wish I had thought of this myself. It’s so simple and so effective!

  • Reply-to-Alls are SAFER! You can immediately see exactly who will be receiving the email. As a result there is almost no chance of sending confidential information to the wrong people… or accidentally clicking Yes when you meant No on a warning prompt.
  • SAVE so much TIME if you need to change the recipients. You can change the recipients directly on the prompt… by ticking or unticking names… no need to go back to the email

I love it. It may seem like a small change but you’ll be surprised how much easier and safer it makes Reply-To-Alls.

You can download the latest version of Send Guard for Outlook from here.

This update is FREE for Existing users of SendGuard. Install it over your old version and your registration information will automatically be retrieved.

Haven’t tried Send Guard yet? Find out more about Send Guard for Outlook and download a fully functional trial today.

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