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By: standss , Feb 19th, 2020

SendGuard’s delay feature can protect you from poorly or angrily worded Outlook emails getting sent out. SendGuard can delay the emails in your Outbox for a minute (or a longer time if you want) so that you still have time to change your mind.

At the same time, SendGuard gives you the option to send urgent emails immediately (without delaying it in your Outbox).

Best of all, SendGuard works with the SendConfirm prompt which is used to review and confirm recipients and attachments before emails are sent out.

Send Confirm Screen showing Send Now

Here is how you can Setup SendGuard’s Send Now feature

If you haven’t done so already, download and install SendGuard for Outlook.

Restart Outlook.

Open the SendGuard settings screen. Go to the “Standss Outlook Addins” Tab.

Select More -> Setting to display the Setting screen.

Choose the Delay Guard tab and tick the Enable Delay Guard Checkbox.

Select the SendConfirm tab and tick the Enable SendConfirm Checkbox.

Click OK to save the settings.

Send Now Feature

To use the Send Now feature when sending out an email that is urgent.

Create your email.

Click on send and you will be prompted by SendGuard (screen image at top of this post).

Confirm Recipients and Attachments.

For emails that you need to sent out immediately, tick the Send Now checkbox.

Click Send.

This email will be sent without Delay Guard holding it up in your Outbox. If Send Now is not ticked then the email will be delayed in your Outbox allowing you some time to change your mind.

Here is another useful article on how to Setup Delay Guard NOT delay emails to certain people.

Benefits for using SendGuard for Organizations

Here are some of the benefits of using SendGuard for your organization.

SendGuard can be set to log the details of the emails for security and audit purposes.

Deploy and lock setting based on company security policies.

Brand SendGuard prompts to be customized with your organization’s logo and links to email policies.

Customize the text that is displayed on most of the prompts based on your organization’s guidelines and policies.

Try it out for yourself

Delay Guard is just one of the ways that you can use SendGuard to protect yourself and your users from poorly worded or wrongly addressed emails.

Click on the image below to download a fully functional 30-day trial of SendGuard for Outlook(which includes Delay Guard addon).

SendGuard for Outlook

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