Sending Christmas Emails from Outlook [Free Templates]

By: standss , Dec 14th, 2016

It is the season to reach out to your friends, business contacts and family… to greet them, thank them, invite them to parties… and maybe even market your products to them.

Many Outlook users use Email Merge for Outlook to do this… it lets them create one email and then send out multiple copies of the same email to as many people as they want… each person gets an email addressed only to them… with the email personalized with their name and any other details you want.

Your emails get sent out from Outlook… but you can use mailing lists from many sources… including Outlook, Excel and Access.

We have created 5 holiday themed templates (shown above) that you can download and use today.

You will need to have EmailMerge for Outlook in order to use these template.

Download and installing the templates

Once you have Email Merge installed…

Click here to download the Outlook Holiday Templates. Save the file to your desktop or other convenient location on your computer (This will be a zip file. You do NOT need to unzip it).

Start Outlook and go to your Inbox.

Click the little arrow under Email Merge on the ribbon and then click Template Manager (to display Email Merge’s built-in template manager)

template manager

Click the Import button and select the zip file that was downloaded in one of the earlier steps.

Click OK. The 5 templates will be imported into your Email Merge for Outlook template list into a category named Christmas Templates.

template manager

Click Close to close the Template Manager

Sending Personalized Emails from Outlook using the Templates

Click the Email Merge button on the Outlook Ribbon.

Select the appropriate template (Christmas Template 1 to 5) from the list on the first step of the Wizard.

Click Next and follow the rest of the steps in the Wizard.

Click Finish.

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The Email Merge for Outlook software can send out emails using contacts stored in Outlook, Excel and many other sources.

If your Christmas mailing list is in Excel: How to Email Merge from Excel and Outlook

Happy Holidays from the team at Standss

We hope that this year has been good for you and we wish you and all our customers and readers a Very Merry Christmas.

And remember… it’s still not too late to send out your Holiday emails and invites.


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