SendGuard’s Integration with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) Sensitivity Labels

By: Standss Contributor , Jan 16th, 2024

Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) Sensitivity labels play a crucial role in enhancing email security by providing a mechanism for classifying and protecting sensitive information within emails.

These labels help organizations control and manage the access, sharing, and handling of sensitive data, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Great news for our customers that SendGuard is now integrated with Microsoft Information Protection Sensitivity Labels.

The Windows desktop addin (Com-Addin) and the web addin (M365 Addin) can be configured to detect sensitivity labels of the emails or attachments and warns users or block emails.

SendGuard Premium (With Full DLP) for Windows and the M365 addin license users, now have the ability to identify sensitivity labels applied to both email content and attachments.

Sensitivity Label detection in COM-addin
Sensitivity Label detection in M365 addin

You can configure SendGuard to scan attachments and email content for these labels, prompting additional verification steps when necessary.

This enhances your compliance efforts and strengthens data security measures.

More Information:

Learn more about sensitivity labels

Getting started with sensitivity labels

Key Benefits for Users

Automated Warning and Blocking

IT Administrators can automate processes where they can configure prompts to be displayed if users are sending emails or attachments which contain sensitivity labels.

If a user attempts to send an email or attachment with a sensitivity label, SendGuard can provide warnings to ensure users are aware of the potential risks.

Additionally, organizations can configure the app to automatically block the transmission of such sensitive content, preventing accidental data leaks.

Policy Enforcement

Organizations can enforce outbound email security policies by aligning SendGuard with MIP Labels. This ensures that employees adhere to data protection guidelines and regulatory requirements when communicating externally.

Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

Many data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, require organizations to implement measures to protect sensitive information.

By integrating with MIP Labels, SendGuard helps organizations comply with these regulations by providing a systematic way to handle and secure sensitive data in outbound emails.

Customization and Flexibility

SendGuard’s configurability allows organizations to tailor the integration to their specific security policies.

Whether it’s customizing warning messages, defining blocking thresholds, or adapting to unique business requirements, the flexibility of SendGuard ensures that the solution aligns with the organization’s needs.

The integration of SendGuard for Outlook with Microsoft Information Protection Labels enhances outbound email security by adding a layer of intelligence to the detection and handling of sensitive information.

This not only helps prevent misdirected emails but also ensures that organizations meet compliance requirements and maintain a robust security posture in their email communications.

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