Short Term Benefits of Regular Email contact (newsletters) from Outlook (more sales!)

By: standss , Jun 23rd, 2010

I hope that the following notes on our results with Email Marketing will inspire you to start making regular contact with your own list of customers/prospects.

We’ve had a newsletter for several years but we’ve only started linking sales results to the timing of our newsletter releases recently.

The results clearly show that we almost always get an increase in sales. The increase in sales is not dramatic but there is a nice little bump for a few days even when there is no sales/marketing content in the newsletter.

So why do sales increase even in the weeks that there is no direct sales material in our newsletter/blog?

The idea is to use your newsletter to build a relationship with your customers and prospects and not only as a sales tool.

In our newsletter, we do our best to provide regular content to our readers that helps them make better use of Outlook in their business. The majority of our articles do not try and sell anything to our customers.

This works because…

  1. The newsletter content brings readers to our website/blog.
  2. The website/blog content helps customers make more out of Outlook. At the same time, they realise that we are not just trying to pitch our own products. We care about our readers, provide real content and actually know what we are talking about.
  3. While readers are visiting our blog, they also browse our website and may find an Outlook addin that will help them become more productive in their business.

When we’re lucky, one of our products may solve a problem that the customer currently is trying to solve… and we get a nice little bump in sales.

If not, the content has convinced them to stay on our list which has long term benefits that I will discuss next week.

Now a little sales pitch for EmailMerge PRO for Outlook, an Outlook addin used by many of our readers to manage their own small (and even large) newsletters.

If you’re ready to start your own newsletter, you can Download a free trial and create and send out your own newsletters from Outlook today.

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