Solution: Using your Outlook Inbox as a To-Do list

By: standss , Aug 23rd, 2013

Our last report revealed the problems of using the Inbox as a To Do List.

We have had HUNDREDS of emails from readers telling us how the report captured their frustrations… and how much they were looking forward to a solution.

We also asked readers how we should present our solution… as a PDF report or a video. We were surprised that more readers asked for a report… so here it is:

Don’t fight it anymore
How to make it (and you) work better!

This report shows you how to:

  • Unclutter your Inbox from emails that you don’t need to work on
  • Show emails that need your attention at the TOP of your Inbox
  • Get reminded in your Inbox to follow-up on emails (where you need a response)

Early users of the solution love it because it lets them MANAGE BOTH EMAIL AND NON-EMAIL RELATED TASKS FROM THEIR INBOX!

We’d love to hear what you think of the solution once you’ve read the report.

Sanjay Singh

PS: Read the report and send us your feedback. Tell us 1) What do you think of the solution and 2) In your opinion, what is a fair price for a solution of this kind.

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