Better Subject Lines–Remember to get rid of Spam Marks added by anti-spam software

By: standss , Jul 23rd, 2010

Are spam ratings added by anti-spam software stopping your emails from reaching users inboxes or from getting read.

These days most users have several layers of spam protection even if they don’t know it. Most ISPs now have spam software that changes the subject line of emails to indicate if the email may be spam.

It usually adds something like SPAM-LOW, SPAM-MED or SPAM-HIGH to the email subject as shown below.

When you respond to an email with a marking similar to above, the subject of your email will obviously have the SPAM-LOW (etc) in it as well.

We recommend that you FIX THE SUBJECT LINE BY DELETING THE SPAM MARKINGS from the email before you click Send.

This makes it less likely that your email will be mistaken as SPAM by the recipient (or their anti-spam software)

This is easy to do manually but it is also easy to forget.

The rest of this post is for SendGuard for Outlook users, who can configure Outlook to automatically check and remove these spam markings for them.

If you are not a user of SendGuard (yet), you can download a fully functional trial version of SendGuard for Outlook from our website.

SendGuard Users: Configure Outlook to automatically remove spam markings

In Outlook 2010, click Addins on the ribbon, click Standss-SendGuard-Settings.

In Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 or 2000: Click Tools-Standss-SendGuard-Settings.

Click the Subject Guard tab.

Tick the box labelled “Clear SPAM Marks added in Subject by Anti-Spam software”.

You can also use this screen to maintain the list of words you wanted cleared out from the Subject lines of emails you send out.

Click OK.

SendGuard for Outlook will not automatically keep your Subject Lines clean of any spam markings. SendGuard will not change your received emails so you can still see what your anti-spam software has classed as potential spam.

Click here to download a fully functional trial version of SendGuard for Outlook.

(Send Guard does several other checks on outgoing emails to ensure that you are sending emails that are complete and more likely to get through to your recipient)

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