How to Tag (Categorize) Emails in Outlook so that it is easier to find them later

By: standss , Aug 26th, 2014

In the last post I showed you how most Outlook users were changing the subject of the emails to make the email findable later.

I don’t personally change the Subject of emails. Instead I use Email Tags to tag my emails with keywords for searching later.

My suggestion appeared to grab the attention of a lot of Outlook user’s who were till date changing the subject of their email BECAUSE there was no other way of making the emails findable. They requested me to elaborate more on what EmailTag was and how to use it.

I realized there might be others facing the same problem so thought to do a blog post explaining about Email Tags.

There has been a shift away from filing things into folders and to using tags/categories over the last few years. This can be seen in programs such as EverNote, Gmail, Picasa… Here is a simple way that you can apply tagging to your emails in Outlook.

We built Email Tags for Outlook on top of Outlook categories to give you the perfect email tagging (and finding) solution.

Outlook’s built-in categories provide a good start to email tagging because they allow the same email to have more than one category.

Here is how Email Tags makes it even better.

How to tag an Outlook email using Email Tags

Email Tags adds a couple of buttons to your Outlook ribbon/toolbar.

Click Tag It to display the Email Tags screen.


Email Tags has built in intelligence to recommend tags to you. Alternatively you can type in a new tag or select a tag from your list of tags directly on that screen.

You can even choose to file the email out of your Inbox with the tag, all in one step.

Email Tags will also prompt you to tag your Sent Emails so that all your emails are organized properly.

Video: How to organize and find emails using tags instead of folders

How to search for emails that you have tagged in Outlook

The main reason for tagging emails is so that they are easy to find later. Finding tagged Outlook emails is easy if you’re a Email Tags user.

Just click the Search button on the Email Tags toolbar to display a full list of your tags.

Click on a Tag (in the list) and Outlook will carry out a Search and display all relevant emails to you.

Watch demo video of Email Tags for Outlook

If you haven’t tried Email Tags yet, you can download a fully functional 30 day trial to see just how easy it is to organize and find emails using tags instead of folders.

CTA EmailTags

9 Replies to “How to Tag (Categorize) Emails in Outlook so that it is easier to find them later”

  1. I am about to download your 30 day trial and test it myself, but I just want to check that it will be compatible with the newer versions of Outlook (2016)? And will I be able to use it on any computer or just the one I purchase it from?

  2. This is great, except for one big issue. Can I only search by one tag at a time? I need a system where I can search multiple tags. Am I missing something?

  3. Does EmailTags enable multiple tags to be assigned to a message, and can searches be performed on combinations of multiple tags?

  4. Yes. It is possible to assign multiple tags to the same email.
    It is also possible to do searches for multiple tags but you need to go to the setting screen for Email Tags and tick “Allow (old style) searching for multiple tags.

  5. I definitely want to learn more about this. Do you know, are those tags then accessible to use? For example, say I tagged a set of emails as Project 1 and another set of emails as Project 2, if I want to copy all files from outlook over to folders on a shared drive under the corresponding Project Folders, could I include some command in a batch file that would be able to select just the emails for Project 1 and move those to the corresponding folder, and so on?

  6. Hi Kristin,
    Our addins work only within Microsoft Outlook. At this stage we are not sure whether your emails will be tagged the way it was in your Outlook when you copy all your files from Outlook over to folders on a shared drive.
    You can contact our support team for further assistance on

  7. Using EmailTags trial version. I do not see the EmailTags button with the Search button on my Outlook ribbon.

  8. Hi Tim,

    Note that Unaisi has replied to your email.

    You can reply to her email if you have any further queries.

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