Tagging makes it easier to file the same email in two Outlook folders

By: standss , Apr 11th, 2013

I recently changed my Outlook email organization system from filing emails in separate folders to putting them all in one folder and then organizing them with Tags (Categories).

Tagging emails is similar to Gmail style labels but is now available inside Outlook using Email Tags for Outlook.

An email that I archived today clearly demonstrated one of the advantages of tagging over folder based filing.

Tagging makes it easier to “file” an email in two folders.

I made a payment for some translation work that we are getting done. When I received the receipt I needed to file the email in two places… Receipts and Translation Project.

Actually… I don’t need to file it in the two place… I want to be able to find them under either of those two topics. If I had been using folder based filing, I would have had to make a copy of the email and then filed separate copies in the two folders.

With EmailTags I can tag the same email with both categories.

tag and file

Then using Outlooks built in Search (or Email Tags enhanced Tag Search), I can easily find the email later when I need it.

NEW TO EMAILTAGS: Watch a short demo video on our website or you can also download a fully functional trial version of the EmailTags Outlook addon.

Do you have other methods of filing (tagging) and finding emails in Outlook?

Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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