The Amazing Wheelbarrow Race 2017 (Thank You)

By: standss , Aug 3rd, 2017


Today’s post is a bit different. I am not going to talk about Outlook. Instead, I would like to thank you and show you how you have helped us to create better futures for many disadvantaged children in Fiji.

Last weekend we participated in the Amazing Wheelbarrow Race. Thanks to your support, the team at Standss was able to donate $19,150 to an organization that works with children with disabilities.

We even won the award for the Most Funds raised award but that wasn’t the best part of it.

The Amazing Wheelbarrow Race is an annual charity event in Fiji that is organized by the Frank Hilton Organization. The Frank Hilton Organization is a charity based in Fiji that works with and for children with disabilities in Fiji.

Long-term customers and readers of our newsletter know that we have been working with the Frank Hilton Organization and the Hilton Special School for a number of years.

They provide medical facilities that help detect children with disabilities. They also provide early intervention, therapy and schools, which help these children learn to cope and have full lives, even with their disabilities.

The facilities may be commonplace in developed countries but in our still developing country, the Frank Hilton Organization is creating a future for these children that they would not have otherwise.

We visited the organization’s schools and were humbled to see the love and dignity with which these children are treated. The sad reality is that they don’t always get the same treatment in the outside world and we believe that their training will help them with this.

We are very grateful for the work that the team at Frank Hilton does and we thank them for giving us this opportunity to contribute to their life-changing work.

I would like to finish by personally thanking each and every one of our customers. It is only through your support that we have been able to help these children.

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