The Best Time to Send Email Newsletters using MS Outlook

By: Standss Contributor , Jan 31st, 2023

Every business today relies on email marketing to raise to get in touch with their potential clients and raise their brand awareness.

But what’s the best time to send email newsletters?

You need to know what’s the best time to send your emails to get the maximum ROI from your email campaigns. 

In this article we’ll talk about the best day and time to send your email newsletters. 

When is the Best Day to send Email Newsletters?

The best way to determine when to send your email newsletters is knowing your audience. Once you have taken a look at your buyer/user personas you’ll find that it is easy to identify the perfect day and time to send your emails. 

The answer varies hugely by the target audience and the market. 

Your email list comprises of a set of individuals with unique habits and traits and this factor greatly affects the time when your audience is most likely to be engaged with your emails. 

For example, if you run a supermarket the best time to send emails about your weekly specials and deals would be on Saturday – when people do their grocery shopping. 

By researching your target market you will be able to find the ideal time you need to send your emails. 

That’s the general advice. Now let’s look at some research to answer the question.

According to a research by MooSend, Thursday was the best day to send emails for the highest open rate.

Tuesday was the second best day to send email newsletters while emails sent on Saturday had the lowest average open rate. 

8-9am was the best time of the day to send emails and after 6pm open rates began to decline. 

An industry research by SendInBlue also affirms that emails which are sent on Tuesday and Thursday accounted for the highest open rates. 

Additionally, emails sent on Wednesday recorded the highest click-through rates. 

Source: SendInBlue

Another similar study done by WordStream confirms the fact that Tuesday and Thursday are the days with the highest open rate. 

The Best Time to Send Email Newsletters

HubSpot surveyed over 300 US based email marketers and found that the majority of them reported the highest engagement for their marketing emails occurred between 9 AM to 12 PM and 12 PM to 3 PM.

Source: HubSpot

The best time to send an email according to CoSchedule is 10am, 9am, 8am, 1pm, and 3pm. 

But what’s the worst time to send emails?

Well, the research by CoSchedule also answers that question.

The worst time to send emails is any time from 7pm to 2am as there is low engagement during these times. 

Measure your own Email Campaign’s Success

How do you find our what’s the best time to send your email newsletters?

To find that out you need to look that three key metrics: 

Open Rate

Email Open rates provides a good measure of how your audience engages with your content. If your open rates are high it means that the subject line of your email resonates with your audience. 

Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate indicates the number of people who have opened your email and clicked on a link. This metric can be used to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and it’s one of the signs which show how successful your email campaign is. 

Click-to-open rate

The click-to-open rate compares the unique clicks to unique opens. This metric is also used to measure the success of your email campaign. 

So how to find the best day and time to send your email newsletters?

Therefore, after looking at the open rate, click-through rate and click-to-open rate of your previous email campaigns you would be able to determine the best day and time to send your email newsletters. 

We’d also recommend that you send your emails at the times we have mentioned above to see how it works for you. 

Send Email Newsletters using Email Merge for MS Outlook?

EmailMerge for Outlook allows you to send multiple personalized emails to multiple recipients using your existing Outlook contacts, Excel lists, Salesforce contacts or Access Databases.

EmailMerge is ideal for newsletters, proposals and other personalized greetings addressed to your contacts. EmailMerge natively works inside Outlook, not outside on a different website. 

One of the biggest benefits of using EmailMerge is that emails reach your targeted audience, avoiding spam filters. Your emails are sent from your personal Microsoft office account and are more likely to be trusted. 

You can immediately send your merges or schedule them for a later time. Using the built-in List Manager you can also segment your list based on a set criteria. 

EmailMerge also allows you to track opens and clicks by using EmailCaddie. Receive an email notification whenever someone opens or clicks on a merge you have sent out. Get instant notification as to who opened or clicked on the email, when, where and how (what device they used).

Want to take EmailMerge for a test drive?

You can download a fully functional trial- no credit card details required. 

EmailMerge for Outlook

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  1. The Subject line is also important.

    When receiving mass mailings, the ones I do not open are either because the Subject indicates it is of no interest to me or because the Subject is not concise enough and the body of the mail could just be too much of the same to be worthwhile looking at.

    Not sure how this is reflected in the “click to open” analysis,

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