The importance of FROM in your Outlook email newsletters and flyers

By: standss , Jan 31st, 2012

Do you email out a sales or marketing newsletter using Outlook?  When they receive your emails, what do recipients see? Who are the emails from?

Your FROM line is your branding in the recipients inbox.

It is what the reader recognizes first and what sets you apart from all the other emails in the readers Inbox. It is what gets your email opened!

From Field

Here are some tips on choosing a good From line.

Choose a FROM line that your readers/recipients will know

If you are using the email account to send emails to people who know your name personally (i.e. you are the brand) then it makes sense to use your personal name.

If they downloaded something from your website or bought something from your business, then they are probably more familiar with your company name.

Think twice (or maybe 10 times) before you change your FROM line

If you have an active newsletter with many subscribers already then have a serious think before changing your FROM line. Why?

Readers are already familiar with your emails. They may not recognize them (and therefore not open and read them) if you make a change.

For example: We use the Addins4Outlook name for our newsletters which many of our readers are familiar with. Our company name Standss now has a lot of brand recognition but I am still scared of changing the FROM line because almost 30,000 readers of our newsletter are already familiar with Addins4Outlook.

If you decide to change your FROM line, then announce it to your list first.

Send an email out from your OLD From line letting them know beforehand. That way many (but still not all), readers will at least be prepared.

You can find out more about how to change your FROM line in our related post How to Change Your Outlook From Line.

If you are sending out marketing or sales emails using Outlook, you may also want to check out  Email Merge PRO for Outlook which lets you use multiple email accounts for sending out emails (i.e. it lets you send out emails from different FROM lines)

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