Tropical Cyclone Evan causes much loss to Fiji

By: standss , Dec 19th, 2012

A quick blog post to explain why there have been delays in responding to customers over the last few days. Tropical Cyclone Evan hit Fiji a few days ago and has left much of Suva without power.

We still count ourselves lucky. The loss of power is a small inconvenience compared to what others in our country are currently going through.

While we have no power in the office, some team members had power restored to their homes late yesterday. We have temporarily relocated some of the team to one of the homes to start responding to customers.

We hope to catch up with all your queries by tomorrow. Again our apologies for the delay… and thank you for your understanding.
Some further information about the cyclone…

The last time Fiji experienced such destructive winds and the wrath of a cyclone was 19 years back when cyclone Kina hit the tropical Islands of Fiji.

On 17th December 2012, Fiji experienced yet another equally (or even stronger) tropical cyclone named Evan which left many people in the northern and western parts of Fiji Islands homeless and many others still struggling without food, water and living in darkness without power supply.

Destructive winds reached speeds of up to 200km per hour (125 mph) causing roofs of many houses flying off (this was witnessed by one of the team at Standss), branches of many tree’s breaking off and tree’s fallen in the middle of the roads causing road blocks and breaking electricity lines causing power outage in many areas including our office.

Road Block during Tropical Cyclone Evan
Road Block during Tropical Cyclone Evan

Source: The Queensland Times

House Damaged
Roof's of houses Blow off due to strong winds of Tropical Cyclone Evan

Source: ABC News

While all the staff here at Standss are safe and slowly resuming work, our prayers go out to all the people who have been heavily affected by the cyclone. We are currently trying to find out if there is any way we are able to assist the affected people.

We would like to again take this opportunity to thank all our readers and customers for your understanding.

While we will try our best to respond to your emails within 24 hours, we apologize in advance for any delays caused.

Here are a few links you can follow to read more about the Destruction caused by Cyclone Evan:

Cyclone Evan leaves West destruction

Flood warning remains, Evan wears off

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