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By: standss , Jun 27th, 2012

There’s only a few more days before the Email Notes for Outlook launch promotion ends. Response from users has been fantastic.  If you haven’t done so yet, you can still get Email Notes at the discounted price for the next few days.

There are a few users who have contacted us with concerns… questions that they want answered before they commit.

We thought we’d share our responses with everyone.

… and we’ve also got some example of how Email Notes is being used in the real world to achieve business goals.


Q: Are there any monthly/yearly charges for using the software?
NO. Your purchase allows you to use this version of Email Notes as long as you want at no extra cost. Your purchase includes all minor upgrades to the software as well as email support.

Q: Where are my Notes stored? Are my notes confidential!
Your notes are stored in a folder in your main Outlook data file. This means that they are only accessible to you unless you choose to share them with someone else.

Q: Do my notes damage the content of the actual emails in anyway? We need the email content to stay unchanged for reference later?
The content of your actual emails are not modified. You add your notes in a little window directly beside your email so that you can refer to both the email and your notes at the same time. However the actual contents of the email are not changed in anyway as your notes are saved separately.

Q: Is there any risk of accidentally sending my notes with the emails? I want to be able to write anything I want in my notes without fear of accidental disclosure.
There is NO CHANCE of accidentally sending notes. You are safe from accidental sends as the content of the notes is not a physical part of the email. The notes are not even stored physically in the same folder as the emails. Notes are stored in a separate folder and Email Notes displays them beside the emails for you.

Q: Can I link to information outside of Outlook in my Notes?
Yes. You can right click on the Notes pane and add links to documents, folders and websites. This means that you can get access to almost all the information you need directly from emails.

Q: WHY would I want to have the same Note linked to more than one email and how easy is it to do?
Your emails are generally part of a larger conversation or project. Having different notes on each email makes it impossible to see all the information you need quickly. Having the same note linked to all relevant emails solves this problem. Email Notes has artificial intelligence built into it that will do most of the linking automatically for you… you can also manually add and delete notes from emails when you need to.

Q: What if I want a different note on each email?
You can manually remove notes from emails and add new notes to them… or you can change a setting that will automatically assign a new note to each email. We recommend that you don’t change the setting as users find the same-note-on-many-emails to be one of the most powerful features of the software.

Q: How easy is it to find text in Notes afterwards… and have the note displayed with the relevant email(s)?
Email Notes has a Search feature that will search the contents of your notes and display the note and all related emails to you. This is actually a great way to use Email Notes to “Tag” your emails with keywords for later use.

Q: Can I share my notes with other people?
Yes. Email Notes adds a few extra buttons to Outlook that lets you reply or forward emails with your notes attached.

Q: Can I print my notes with the emails?
Yes. Use the Print Notes button and you have the option of printing just the notes or the notes with the email.

Q: How much time does it take to learn Email Notes?
Virtually none! If you know how to use your keyboard to write emails, you already know how to use Email Notes. You can type your notes directly beside the email once you install Email Notes. Your notes will automatically be saved when you close the email.

Q: What if I move my emails to other folders in Outlook? Do my notes move too so that I can still see them with the email?
Yes. While your notes don’t physically move, they will remain “linked” to the email. Click on the email and you will automatically see the Note… or find the Note using the Search screen and you will automatically see the email.

Q: What versions of Outlook are supported?
Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 (32 Bit) and Outlook 2012 (64 Bit)


Here are a few example of how users are currently using Email Notes in their own businesses.

  • Tag your notes with keywords so that emails are easier to find later e.g. I often save emails that I think have useful ideas for blog posts. I write a note that says “Good idea for blog post”. Later I search for the word blog to see all the emails.
  • This is a great idea for sales and support people… Keep a history of your correspondence in the notes. We have been using this as an effective means of seeing the full history of communications before responding.
  • Add information collected via phone calls
  • Store next actions, reminders, to-do on emails… It is very handy to have the software’s AI find and automatically display notes when I select a new email in the Inbox.
  • Track a project… The same notes being displayed on all relevant emails makes it easy to see exactly what still needs to be done.

I hope that the following answers help show you how Email Notes will make your Outlook into a more SAFE and POWERFUL tool for your business.

You can still save 25% if you act now.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Singh

PS: Don’t forget, we have an amazing guarantee that removes ALL the risk from your decision. Try it for 90 days, and if you aren’t happy, you get all your money back. Special offer ends this Friday.

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