Get users to Confirm Recipients and Attachments before emails are sent out

By: standss , Oct 17th, 2018

We have upgraded our data leakage prevention for Outlook addon to provide both safer email protection and better email productivity on one screen. These changes are based on ideas submitted by existing users.

Businesses of all sizes are already using SendConfirm and SendGuard for Outlook to get prompted whenever an email is sent to an external email address.

All the changes are summarised in the one image below.

Send Confirm Prompt Screenshot with Descriptions

The main changes as you can see in the image above are:

    1. Users now see the recipients and attachments on the one screen (save clicks and time).   You can also use the old interface with recipients and attachments on separate tabs if you want.
    2. External domains are now color-coded so it is easier to see exactly who you are sending your email to
    3. You can open/view attachments directly from the prompt (to recheck if the correct file is being sent)
    4. You can also rename or reorder attachments by right-clicking on any attachment in the prompt

SendConfirm is used by organisations of all sizes from single users to 20,000 users in one organization. Our team can provide full support for enterprise deployment and centralised management.

Learn more about Send Confirm for Outlook or click on the image below to learn more about the full SendGuard for Outlook email security bundle.

SendGuard for Outlook

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